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An honors graduate of the Harvard Law School and a devoted 25 year supporter of Manchester United, Meatto applies his extensive corporate and litigation experiences, financial acumen, and team building skills to a wide variety of situations ranging from the exciting and chaotic worlds of emerging startup companies to the complexities of international child abduction litigation and other difficult disputes in federal courts across the country.

Meatto is currently taking a deep dive into the legal and financial issues presented by Bitcoin and other currencies and stores of value, ICO offerings, and blockchain technology.  Meatto is also currently working as chief financial and legal advisor to a digital therapeutics emerging company, Fruit Street, and a related venture fund now forming, HippocratesVC.



mobile/text:  917-733-9830

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Skill Set Samples and Predilections


Startup Law and Entrepreneurship

Capital Acquisition

Major Federal Civil Litigation

Chief Financial Officer

Blockchain, ICO, Bitcoin and Alternative Currencies

General Counsel

English Premier League

Haruki Murakami