Science Blockchain Incubator Offering

from its PPM:

"Investment Thesis The near term objective of the Incubator is to create an environment where leading blockchain entrepreneurs can rapidly develop their business concepts, and utilize the Incubator’s resources (strategic, tactical, legal, technical, operational) to quickly and cleanly launch ICOs of their own as one mechanism to fund and build their businesses, and to help the blockchain ecosystem grow through broad participation in the ICOs of promising Blockchain startups worldwide. The long term objective is to help build the software giants of the next century. "

"Science Inc., the LA-based team co-founded by Peter Pham and Mike Jones, which has incubated startups like Dollar Shave Club, DogVacay and Wishbone, is launching a fund for blockchain startups and plans to raise the money through an ICO of up to $100 million in size." techcrunch

Science Blockchain, as recently reported in Techcrunch, raised $12.3 million from roughly 400 individuals through its initial coin offering.

Christopher Meatto