christopher f. meatto, esq.

Clients and Experience

Working in London 2015

From the Founding Team of Swatch Watch in 1985 until today



A Life in Practice at the Highest Levels of Experience and Ingenuity

Harvard Law School, Kramer Levin, Meatto Russo Burke & Wallace,, NYCG.COM, and tomorrow


Early Life

Regis High School
Latin and Greek Scholar

Fordham University
First Student Selected for Commencement Address in 125 years


Complex Federal Litigation, Startups, Rule 506(c) Capital Raises, Blockchain and ICO law, CFO and more, a senior team player for your emerging company

Skolnick v. Wainer (2013)

A landmark civil case in International Child Abduction Law, Meatto acted as lead counsel in a case litigated in Brooklyn, London, Singapore, and decided in Hartford United States District Court.  Meatto's legal strategy secured the return of 5 American children abducted from Singapore.


Fruit Street Health P.B.C.

NYCG team, led by Meatto, continues its efforts into 2018 to raise over $10 Million from 250 physician investors through an innovative Rule 506(c) Offering to Accredited Investors.


Mentoring Young Companies

Meatto gained significant mentoring experience in his personal life, helping to raise three sons who graduated Yale, Harvard, and Brown respectively and now pursue carerrs in literature, film, and education.  He also was a youth soccer coach and referee for 20 years.  Meatto's primary practice for the past 12 years has focused on tech startups in New York City.



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